Sell Us Your Books

Got books lying around your house that you want to get rid of? We are happy to look at any books you have for sell. Simply bring them in and we will appraise them and offer you either cash or store credit for the ones that we wish to buy.

Cash for Books

What we buy is based on supply and demand and also on our current inventory needs at the time. We pay a percentage of what we think we can sell the book for. The condition of the book is also very important.

We cannot buy the following types of books:
  • No Reader's Digest
  • No ex-Library Books
  • No Book Club Editions
  • No Books that are Damaged or Mildewed
  • No Rips, Tears, or Stains
  • No Writing or Highlighting
  • No Loose Pages or Broken Spines / Bindings
Our Trade Policy

Our Trade Policy is very simple. You just bring in your books and we will evaluate them, and we will give you store credit in return. You can use that store credit to pay for up to half the value of your used book purchase!

*For example: If you are buying a book for $9.97 and have $20 worth of store credit, you can use $5.00 worth of your store credit towards the purchase which leaves you with just a bill of $5.00 plus tax!