At Zbookz we work for "Readers"!-that is, people who like to read a lot. Zbookz maintains a liberal trade policy. Bring your books in! We can give trade credit for all your books, and you can use up your trade credit a little at a time, or all at once. We keep prices low on purpose. The owner will not charge more for a book than he would pay for it himself. For more information on our trade policy please visit our trading policy page.

Come on in and browse our thousands of Used Books that we have for sale. Many new New Books are available too at used book prices. We have large, well organized sections devoted to Mystery, Romance, Politics, History, Regional Interest, Metaphysical, Religious, Gardening, Science, Animals, Birds, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Cookbooks, Westerns, Action, Adventure, Thriller, Spy Espionage, War, True Crime, Paranormal Romance, Humor, Childrens Books, and some very hard to find books that are sometimes very difficult to part with. We also have a large Classics library, and our Literature section is overflowing.

You can find us at the following location: